4. San Francisco Open Data Policy

The San Francisco municipal administrative code on Open Data Policy, adopted November 8, 2010, was the first to adopt language from the 8 Principles of Open Government Data and possibly the first open data law in the United States. It called for technical requirements to be created for the purpose of “making data available to the greatest number of users and for the greatest number of applications,” with “non-proprietary technical standards,” and a “generic license” such as a Creative Commons license.[213] Here is the part that requires open data:

2. a. Each City department, board, commission, and agency (“Department”) shall make reasonable efforts to make available data sets under the Department’s control, provided however, that such disclosure be consistent with the rules and standards promulgated by the Committee on Information Technology (“COIT”) and with applicable law, including laws related to privacy.

b. Data sets shall be made available on the Internet through a web portal linked to sfgov.org or successor website maintained by or on behalf of the City.

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